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C.I.P.O stands for “Costa Blanca Independent Property Owners”. It is an association totally geared to helping individual apartment & villa owners in the Costa Blanca achieve the maximum rental returns on their properties. It is in many respects a partnership between myself, my team and the property owners but it is very much a relationship that should result in all parties prospering together. The CIPO package combines the advertising and marketing expertise of the "Rent Costa Blanca" team with the local knowledge of its property owners in order to provide all property owners with a "one stop shop". 

Joining C.I.P.O could not be simpler and property owners will immediately begin to benefit from both the high visibility of being featured on the heavily advertised "Rent Costa Blanca" website and the property owners support packages. There is no cost involved to the property owner until a rental booking has been taken. At that point a commission equating to 20% of the booking value is deducted and the remaining 80% is deposited in the owners Bank account.

Take a browse around the website to see the full benefits of what is available for the property owners.

C.I.P.O's Rental Services To The Property Owner Includes:

- Heavy weight national UK press
- Local UK press & advertising boards
- Heavily advertised Website
- Heavy weight online advertising generating over 12,000 hits per month @ 01/12/07
- Mailshots to enquiry Database 

Enquiry & Booking & Payment Service:
- Full booking & enquiry service

- Payment management system
- Regular email updates

- Option for owners to have either a little or a lot of involvement with their "guests"
- Owners have the opportunity to carry on using their existing property management teams
- Owners may continue to use other agents and other advertising to ensure maximum occupancy

Property Management:
- Access to a database of property management teams built up from existing property owners 
- A choice from simply key holding to “meet & greet” or full property management
- Cleaning & Laundry services

- Access to local "owner recommended" trades people

Other Services:
- Airport transfer service
- Welcome packs
- And much, much more. See "Other Services" for full details

We are currently seeking to acquire additional high quality properties throughout the Costa Blanca. During the first half of 2007 we expanded our geographical area to cover the southern end of the Costa Blanca and now operate from Oliva in the north to La Manga in the south. If you have a suitable property and are interested in talking to us about maximising rental income, please send an email by using the enquires link below.