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How to make a payment....

There is a choice of payment methods:

1/ The simplest way to make your payment is by using either Visa, Maestro, Delta and Mastercard cards via the "streamline" link below. These payments are instant and don't carry any payment supplements.

Alternatively, your payment can also be made by using either Mastercard or Visa Credit cards. 

2/ You can also pay in either Sterling or Euros by Electronic Bank Transfer. Our UK bank account details or our Spanish Bank account details will be emailed back to you if requested on receipt of your booking form. However, for International transfers, Bank "sending and receiving" charges will be added to all transactions. Typically, these costs will amount to between 10.00 and 20.00 per transaction.

3/ Finally, you can pay by us direct to "Sweet Orange Properties Ltd" by using an old fashioned GBP cheque through the postal system. Please email us for our postal address if you prefer to use this payment method.