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About Us

About Us

Philip The ideas behind "Rent Costa Blanca" were created during 2003. We were attempting to rent out our own apartments in the Costa Blanca with the purpose of using them for a few weeks of the year ourselves and renting the properties out for the remainder of the year in order to cover our running costs. However, we quickly realised that renting out our properties was not going to be that easy. It seemed that we either had to advertise our apartments on online websites and basically do everything ourselves or we had to virtually "hand over" our apartments to a local letting agency who may or may not be able to rent out the properties on a regular basis and who would charge us a small fortune for the priviledge!!

There had to be a better way to rent out villas & apartments in Spain and during the course of the next few months we created our own rental website and began to advertise our properties across both the UK and Spain. Spurred on by some initial success, during 2004 we expanded our business to include the properties of our friends and neighbours and by the end of that year we had a successful small rental business comprising c:25 properties along the northern Costa Blanca coast.

By the middle of 2007 Rent Costa Blanca had grown to a position where we were working alongside more than 150 different owners who in turn owned in excess of 200 properties. It was at this point that Philip Webster joined the business. Philip subsequently became a director of the company during December 2008 and in conjunction with Lorna Davey, Philip took over the ownership of the company during 2009. Philip Webster is the principal contact for both owners and prospective guests, while Lorna is the Company Secretary and also assists Philip with the day to day running of the business.

During the past 6 years "Rent Costa Blanca" enjoyed steady growth of C:35% per annum and by the end of 2009 we had grown to a position where we were working for more than 270 different owners who in turn owned in excess of 350 properties. We have also expanded our geographical presence to the south in order to cover the Costa Calida and are now advertising our business throughout Europe and beyond.

About Rent Costa Blanca

We at Rent Costa Blanca think of ourselves as a "booking agency" with a human touch!! While the vast majority of other online holiday accommodation websites offer prospective rental guests little more than an advertisment to look at for each property, at Rent Costa Blanca we offer email and telephone support from people who not only know the Costa Blanca, they also know many of the properties personally. 

We are a family business that provides the linkage between the owners of holiday properties on Spain's Costa Blanca and people who are looking for rental property in the region. We currently have an expanding portfolio consisting of predominently holiday homes, although a growing number of our owners are also happy to offer their properties for rental for longer periods. 

In order to give some reassurance to potential rental guests, many of these properties have been personally viewed by a member of the Rent Costa Blanca team and throughout the website these properties are clearly marked with a triple rosette symbol . While we cannot guarantee the accuracy of either the descriptions or contents of the properties, rental guests can at least take some comfort in the knowledge that someone at Rent Costa Blanca has seen these rental properties and that at the time that they were visited, the photo's and descriptive text shown on the property webpage were judged to provide a broadly accurate reflection of the property. Our basic test is a simple one - that we would be happy to rent the property and holiday in it ourselves. After all, our aim is for you to want to return to us again and again, and to recommend us to your friends.

Rent Costa Blanca - What We Do

The "contract" in any rental transaction remains between the property owner and the rental guests. Rent Costa Blanca facilitates the "bringing together" of the two parties and speeds up what can often be a difficult process. When a rental guest identifies from the website a property (or properties) that interests them, they use either the "contact us" or "booking" sections of the website. Rent Costa Blanca will then attempt to answer any queries that the potential guest may have - liaising with the property owners, where necessary - in order to ensure that the most appropriate property is selected. Rent Costa Blanca's role ends when the booking has been confirmed and the final payment has been received. By this stage rental guests will be in direct contact with either the owners of the properties that they have decided to rent or the owners own property management team in Spain.

Costa Blanca

We chose the  Costa Blanca as our "Spanish home" not only because it has the best sunshine record in Spain, but also because of its stunning scenery and the excellent transport links to & from the UK. Our area reaches out as far as Denia & Oliva in the north all the way down to Polaris World & La Manga the south. Our properties are still mainly situated within Altea, Calpe, Moraira, Javea & Denia but we intend to further expand our presence throughout the whole of the Costa Blanca & Costa Calida during 2011/12.

So, please take a tour of the website and please email us with any queries that you have on any of the properties. Equally, any views on improving our offering are always welcomed!

                           Philip Webster & Lorna Davey